What To Sell In My Drop Shipping Store: 20 Cool PC And Laptop Accessories

by Olga L.


“What to sell in my store?”

This is question that we get more and more often. To help our clients, readers and subscribers, we’ve decided to launch a new series of articles. Here, you will find lists and descriptions of various AliExpress items that are good for drop shipping!

Each and every person who plans to open a drop shipping store has the same question: which items are the best choice? What products to sell in this store? How to evaluate AliExpress offers and pick the greatest ones?

Look at this example and follow it!

What to sell: specifying a product niche

A niche choice is the first step you’re making before deciding on the product range.

For a fully functioning drop shipping store, we strongly recommend you to evaluate its potential in terms of items availability and opportunities for promotion, and also check the competition. These steps are essential to guarantee good store performance.

For this educational example, we decided to skip these steps and simply choose items widely used by PC and laptop users. What would be the specific features of this niche?

  • It is not narrowly specified: these items are not exclusively sold to gamers or to IT professionals etc., these are regular basic products that can come in handy for any kind of PC or laptop user.
  • People who might get interested in computer-related stuff are, most likely, spending some of their time working/entertaining with technology and browsing the Web. This is why online shopping is not an unfamiliar concept for them: they have trust in webstores, so they won’t be scared or confused while buying something from such a store.

In other words, it is a promising type of product category because this store will be aimed on a broad target audience that has some experience or background knowledge in online shopping.

So what can we offer our potential buyers?

What to sell: choosing items on AliExpress

We consider AliExpress to be the best supply platform for dropshippers. It offers plenty of items in multiple product categories, and these items are typically sold for a very low price.

Still, it doesn’t mean that we can randomly take any product from AliExpress and import it to a drop shipping store! We carefully select the most appealing items and make sure they meet the following criteria:

  • Free shipping

If an AliExpress seller doesn’t charge anything for this item delivery, the cost of purchasing this product, obviously, gets lower. Zero shipping costs are always an appealing factor for online shoppers.

  • High product rating

If the product has a rating of 4 stars or higher, it means that the buyers are generally satisfied with the item’s quality and the seller’s communication. It is highly important to pick products with good rating: if you ignore this field, you can’t be 100% sure that you’ve chosen worthy items from a reputable seller. You certainly don’t want to resell low quality stuff to your clients!

  • Enough orders

Typically, we sort AliExpress items by orders: this way, items with the biggest amount of orders are shown first. It helps us pay attention to the most frequently bought items: usually, these bestsellers are offered by sellers with a long positive history of working on AliExpress, which is why we can safely resell these products in a drop shipping store.

  • Reasonable price

Of course, this parameter heavily depends on the type of the item. Still, the general rule is the following: the lower the price, the more likely a store visior is to place an order. If a product is expensive, it’s often hard for a potential buyer to make a decision, especially if the item itself or the store are unfamiliar. You can make your store visitor more comfortable with making a decision if you provide enough social proof (for example, with the help of this illustrative add-on), but remember that the price is an important decision-making factor.

So, after taking all these considerations into account, we selected 20 affordable and demanded AliExpress items that are appealing for a wide circle of buyers. Let’s take a look at them !

Taking care of your laptop

  1. USB laptop cooler

Мини Вакуум USB Laptop Cooler воздуха извлекая выхлопного вентилятора охлаждения процессора кулер для ноутбуков компьютерного оборудования охлаждения


Look at the super high number of orders and the product rating! Plus, if check out customer reviews, you’ll easily notice that the clients are generally happy with the purchase. Imagine importing this item to your website along with this positive feedback – it is surely a good choice for a drop shipping store.

  1. Mini USB fan


First, it just looks fancy.

A product with high-quality images is always a winning solution for drop shipping stores because these pictures illustrate the item’s appearance and features. Your store visitors can’t see or touch the products you’re selling, which is why catchy product images are a must.

  1. Magic dust cleaner


Cheap, funny, hard to find in regular stores – this item has all the features of a perfect drop shipping item.

Sound Equipment

  1. Mini USB microphone


This is a tiny and simple piece of technology that is great for shipping: it has a super light weight and it is not technologically complex – hardly anything can go wrong if you work with this kind of item.

  1. Clip on microphone


The main reason why we included this product in our example selection is its price: imagine the markup you can set on it and the profit you’ll get as the result!

  1. Noise cancellation microphone


As you can see, this item has the ePacket shipping option. It is super cool because your buyers will receive their orders really quickly, and it certainly leaves a good impression!

  1. Glowing headphones


Again, here you can see a full range of appealing features: tons of orders, high rating, cool picture and a low price. Seems really interesting!

  1. In-ear earphones with microphone


Here, you can see an outstanding number of orders. The item is certainly a bestseller; why not try benefitting from it?

  1. Clip-on speakers


An item that refers to a well-known and familiar product category but has an unusual modification is always a good choice because it increases the chances of someone buying it simply out of curiosity.


  1. USB light for computer decor


This product has at least 2 solid benefits: it’s a lightweight one, plus it’s a good choice for people who like customising their working space with no extra costs. No wonders it has so many orders and positive reviews!

  1. Portable USB light


4, 9 stars rating is not so easy to achieve. Don’t miss out such items!

Mice & Pads

  1. Comics mouse pad


The item has several variations in size and color, plus, again, it’s not easy to find in an offline store. A perfect choice for drop shipping!

  1. Large mouse pad


Even though this item is not quite cheap, it has awesome product pictures and a super high rating, so it’s a good pick anyway.

  1. Planet mouse pad


Cuteness overload!

This is just the type of items that generates impulse purchases. That’s exactly what you want, right?

  1. Finger mouse


Even though the product only has 20 orders, the overall rating is 5.0. It’s 5.0! How often do you come across such items?!

  1. Gaming mouse


A mind-blowing amount of orders and a lovely appearance is what makes this item so appealing for any dropshipper.


  1. LED keyboard


Um, okay, this one is also a bit expensive, but anyway, it has an impressive pictures gallery, plus the seller provides the ePacket shipping option. Why not give it a try?

  1. Mini wireless keyboard


This item is optimized for several various segments of target audience: look at the number of languages it supports. In online shopping, this approach to products development is really beneficial.

Flash drives

  1. Musical instruments flash drive


Do you remember what we said about generating impulse purchases before?… This is a fairly good example.

  1. Unicorn flash drive


Here you can see the complete set: appealing price, catchy images, rare modification, high rating and thousands of orders. Can anyone possibly ask for more?…

As you can see, choosing what to sell in your drop shipping store is not as challenging as fun. Follow this simple guide, evaluate every item individually, and enjoy your thriving business!

Olga L.
Olga Lavrinovich is a content creator at AliDropship, and she aims to explain the most complicated drop shipping concepts in the simplest terms possible.


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